Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dedicated Grant Collection for EMA, March 19

On Sunday, March 19, 1stUUPB there will be a dedicated grant collection for EMA (Emergency Medical Assistance). EMA provides financial assistance to women who have made the decision to terminate their pregnancies but can't afford the cost of a safe and legal abortion. Their mission is to help make every child a wanted child. EMA is a private, independent agency founded in 1973 by 1stUUPB member Harriette Glasner. The majority of those helped are single, impoverished, unemployed or underemployed mothers with one or more children. EMA preserves clients' privacy and dignity while ensuring high quality and safe medical care when they face this difficult situation.  In light of our current political situation EMA's services are more important than ever.  Please bring a generous check made out to 1stUUPB with EMA on the memo line.  Thanks for your generosity.