Sunday, January 8, 2017

NewsTalk Topics for Sunday, January 15

- Texas et al introducing "bathroom" bills

- hearings on Cabinet nominees

- Trump's press conference (maybe)

- the importance of federal judicial nominees

- House Republicans and their ethics embarrassment

- the Boy Scouts and transgender youth

- should the Florida legislature be able to veto Supreme Court decisions?

Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade, Jan 14

Join us 
for the
Martin Luther King, Jr. Parade
Saturday, January 14, 2017
8am carpool from 1stUUPB parking lot, or
8:30am meet at Blue Heron and Congress 

If we want to show our Black sisters and brothers that we stand with them in their struggles, one way is to participate in the Martin Luther King Jr. parade in Riviera Beach.

Wear your gold "On the Side of Love" shirts, which can be purchased in Ministers Hall for $10.

If walking is difficult, you can ride.

Although we will have lots of water, we suggest you also bring your own supply as well as any snacks you might want.
Caps, sunscreen and sunglasses are essential.

If you want to decorate vehicles, drive, etc. please contact your organizers:
Contact: Bob and Lynn Tomlinson
Email: or
Cell Phone: 289-600-3935 Home: 561-304-9530

Let’s show that 1stUUPB cares!