Friday, January 27, 2017

Come to the Mardi Gras/Valentine Party

The Food Gang cordially invites all members, friends & their guests to:

The Second Annual Valentine/ Mardi Gras Dinner Party
on Saturday, February 18, starting at 6pm in Ministers Hall

This will be a full dinner, with wine, soda, etc., throughout the evening.
We will commence with an array of Amazing Appetizers.

Followed by a variety of Gourmet Entrées, plated and served to you.

The Challenge:  You must choose which entrée you want in advance.

The choices are:

1. Beef Stroganoff- A luxurious Valentine feast from the finest salons of Europe.

2. Cajun Chicken and Shrimp Etouffee. A classic Mardi Gras dish with plenty of flavor, but with the spice heat moderate.

3.  Cajun Spiced Salmon - Also full of flavor and spice, and, again with the spice heat not over the top.

4. Red Beans and Rice - Another Mardi Gras dish, this for the vegetarians.

Followed by an amazing variety of Delectable Desserts .

As always with the Food Gang, all food is made with :
FABULOUS INGREDIENTS, TALENT AND LOVE, by our own generous members.

This is not just a FUN raiser for our community,
it is also A FUND RAISER FOR 1stUUPB!

The fee for everything is $35 per person.

If you wish to join in you MUST:

1: Contact Frank Smith (561-471-2814; and tell him who is coming and what each attendee wants for the entrée.

2: send/bring to the Office the required fee.

After BOTH of the above are done, YOU ARE IN!

Be advised: We must have your entrée order in and fee paid no later than Monday, February 13. This is so that the chefs know how much ingredients to buy and have time to prepare.

Lol, The Food Gang
Harry, Karen, Henry and Frank

IMPORTANT:  Please note, as there are a limited number of each entrée available, if you wait too long you may be unable to get the dish you want!