Friday, November 4, 2016

Halloween Party Huge Success

Our Halloween Dinner/Party Saturday was a huge success -- it was truly BIGLY!

We want to thank the following for each of their invaluable contributions:
Paul and Hillary Ward -- Underwriting the full cost of the wine and soda, greatly improving the fund-raising feature of the evening.
June Kleeman and Pat Knight for decorations with the help of Amy Douglas and Richard Keelan.
Setup: CJ and Richard
Appetizers: Pat Knight, Gloria Golden, Frank Smith and Mary Rubeiz.
Entrees: Harry and Karen Wolin, Henry Gruen, CJ, and Frank and Anne Marie Smith.
Desserts: Amy Douglas, Jennifer Hommel, Frank Smith, the Wolins and Wes Fuchs.
Publicity and Office Organization: Larry Stauber and Barbara Hatzfeld.
Audio: Ben Juhl
Cleanup: Amy Douglas, Kathe Bannigan, Larry Stauber and Willie Nelson.

I'm sure I've missed someone and I do apologize in advance to those folks.

This was another in the Food Gang's efforts to build community and, at the same time raise funds for the mission of the Congregation. While figures are not complete, it is certain that this event raised in excess of $1,000 for the Congregation. This was all because all personal efforts and the vast majority of the food costs were donated by your fellow congregants. This event was also a success because so many of you joined in this truly sumptuous and totally fun evening.

The Food Gang
Harry and Karen, Henry, CJ, Jenny and Frank

[Editor's note: Major kudos to Frank Smith for his extraordinary efforts in organizing and presenting this event. It was because of his attention and devotion to detail that it all went so well. Bravo Frank!]